Sunday, March 15, 2009

How To Take Care Of Your Wedding Dress

Your wedding dress in all probability is the most important garment of your life and by all means the most dearly won. Its significance remains for the lifetime. So to a very great extent to preserve your most valuable asset is the main foremost duty. It’s not so that once wedding is over you will leave wedding dress simply somewhere lying. Many other occasions will come when you will get chance to wear it again. If not, then also the moment you will have a glance at your dress, those beautiful memories of your most significant day will start dancing in front of your eyes and will take you to some other world. Special care should be given to it to maintain its elegance and value. The beautiful dress for which you spent months in shopping is hanging like a behemoth in your wardrobe. It’s better you start taking proper steps immediately to preserve your wedding dress from the damaging. Below are written few steps, follow them and treasure your most precious thing.

Step 1

Ideally, the first step after the completion of wedding is the proper cleaning and preservation of your wedding dress. It will prevent dress from yellowing, creasing, molding or mildewing, light and dust. There are some companies that offer preservation packages. Within two weeks time the dress is returned to you cleaned and preserved.

Step 2

After cleaning is done, make sure to keep it in a clean place and prevent from food, pen and other such stuffs. Keep your hands clean while handling the dress and do not wear any jewelry that could snag the dress fabric. It’s ideal to wear fine cotton gloves.

Step 3

Do not simply wrap your dress and keep in a plastic bag or in a box. It does not provide good protection. Instead, standard plastic/PVC bags or covers are the best place to keep in.

Step 4

Take out all pins, wrappings and hangers from the box you are going to place your dress. Also wrap the dress with the tissue paper and also keep the tissue between every fold. Choose a reliable and archival quality box for your dress. Before shutting the lid of the box, check whether all fabric is covered by acid free tissue.

Step 5

Keep that box in a dark, dust free area where air circulation is proper. Never store it in a shed, garage, in an attic, against an external wall, unheated loft place. Save it from a high humidity, dampness and condensation. Also do not store it near radiator, near bright light or anywhere vulnerable to pets or insects. Practically box should be store in a place having temperature around 13-18 degrees Celsius with a relative humidity of about 50 percent.

Step 6

In a regular period of time frame unpack your wedding dress to reduce the risk of permanent creasing. Again do repacking and keep it back. After doing all this also if problem comes, seek advice from a professional textile conservator.

Above-mentioned precautions will definitely give the best possible protection to your wedding dress and avoid any kind of damaging. And its result will be like this that after 30 years your wedding dress will be ready for your daughter’s wedding day.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Trend representing lehenga choli

Voguish lehenga choli especially made keeping in mind current trend. Its details i.e. spectacularly embellished top, eye-catching work on bottom and dupatta and beads dotted all over are a clear representation of fashion and style. Embellishments-sequins, stones,beads, cut, poth etc